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Data acquisition system

Data Acquisition Terminals (TAMAR)

Sense Communication in collaboration with Lumar Electronics has conceived and commercialized the TAMAR data acquisition terminal. Sense Communication installs and maintains these terminals which measure and gather critical temperature and humidity data. Used in greenhouses, refrigerated environments, pharmaceutical processing plants and computer rooms, the TAMAR lends itself to most environments where temperature and humidity levels must be monitored regularly.

Key technical characteristics:

  • 8 independent channels
  • Measures temperature and humidity levels
  • Display can be either in Celsius or in Fahrenheit
  • Low level, high level and summary alarms
  • Power monitoring
  • Closed circuit alarms
  • Temperature range: –40 à +101 Celsius(–40 to +214 Fahrenheit)
  • Humidity range : 0 to 100%
  • Remote access via serial or modem interface(option)
  • Automatic host call up
  • Independent power supply back up allowing 24 hours stay alive
  • Windows operating system allowing graphs, reports and automatic SMS / e-mail notification