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Globalstar GSP-1700

Globalstar satellite phone The GSP-1700 is Globalstar’s latest model. Once activated, each unit is attributed a “613” (Ottawa) area code which allows the user to be reached by land line or cell without the calling party (if based in North America) incurring “overseas” international calling rates. The battery life offers 4 hours of talk time and 36 hours of standby time. Globalstar have considerably improved their network in the past few years. We both sell and rent the units at competitive prices. Should you purchase the GSP-1700, it will be activated with a plan starting at 79.99$/month.

Globalstar satellite phone GSP-1700 Brochure  Globalstar satellite phone GSP-1700 brochure

Our prices for a Globalstar satellite phone GSP-1700

Satellite Phone Rentals

Thinking of taking a trip for personal or professional reasons to a remote location? Staying in touch is no longer a challenge with the availability of satellite phones. Should your trip be a few days or a few weeks, Sense Communication has rental phones available to suit your needs.

We offer 5 different devices over 2 technologies: Iridium (GO!, 9555 & 9575 Extreme) and Inmarsat (IsatPhonePro & IsatPhone2). (The Globalstar GSP-1700 is not offered for rental on a regular basis, but can still be tested for a short period of time via one of our demo units, upon request)

We recommend you have a quick glance at product brochures and the pricing information to assist in making your selection. Sense Communication professionals are also available to guide you in making the right selection based on your anticipated location and use of the phone.

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