IsatPhone2 (Used)


Inmarsat has recently launched its new IsatPhone2. Rated IP 65, this robust handset has been engineered to cope with extreme weather conditions. It offers unrivalled battery life – 8 hours of talk time and up to 160 hours on standby. Along with the standard USB port and Bluetooth capability the IsatPhone2 includes some very nice features like GPS Tracking and Alert Assistance (SOS). The IsatPhone2 can also ring with the antenna in its stowed position. This allows the phone to receive calls while holstered. Like its predecessor, the IsatPhone2 can send and receive SMS messages using the Inmarsat Global Service Coverage (except the poles) and the service allows for voice mail as an option. Service packages include either postpaid or prepaid options. Sense Communication also offers rental option for those seeking to rent prior to purchasing.


Battery Chargers: • Mains universal AC charger (4 adaptors) • Car charger – 10-30 volts Micro USB cable Wired handsfree headset Wrist strap Quick start guide (8 languages) Warranty documentation Support USB memory drive Holst

Rental rates IsatPhone2:

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    1 day : $13,95
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    1 week : $79,00
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    1 month : $219,00

Communication rates on rental IsatPhone2:

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    $2.19 / minute

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